Immune disorder may be cause of some psychosis cases

9th December 2016

A new study in Lancet Psychiatry has suggested that some patients who have developed psychotic conditions may have developed their symptoms due to problems with their immune system. As reported by BBC News, the UK-wide trial study involved taking blood samples from 228 people.  For some patients, the research suggested that their antibodies were attacking the ...


New experimental treatment believed to have ‘cured’ man of advanced prostate cancer

1st December 2016

An early trial of a new therapy for prostate cancer is believed to have cured one participant’s advanced prostate cancer by ‘shocking’ the tumour with high levels of testosterone. This is a novel treatment give that testosterone has been conventionally seen as ‘fuel’ for prostate cancer, and as such some treatments involve reducing levels of testosterone ...


Smoking responsible for hundreds of DNA mutations

11th November 2016

Researchers have found that a 20-a-day smoker will develop around 150 mutations in every lung cell each year, raising their risk of developing cancer. As reported by BBC News, an international group of scientists from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Los Alamos National Laboratory sequenced thousands of tumour genomes to find a direct link between ...


New Alzheimer’s treatment raises prospect of slowing mental decline

4th November 2016

A new drug under development appears to ‘turn off’ the production of toxic materials in the brain which are believed to lead to Alzheimer’s symptoms. As reported in the Guardian, and published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers working with the pharmaceutical company Merck have created a tablet which appears to prevent the production of toxic proteins ...


National Stress Awareness Day – 2nd November

28th October 2016

The annual National Stress Awareness Day takes place this Wednesday, offering an opportunity for us to address causes of stress in our work and personal lives. Organised by ISMA, the International Stress Management Association, the event this year focuses on the workplace, encouraging employers to discuss stress prevention at work and address causes.  Other charities are ...


Soft drinks may greatly increase diabetes risk

21st October 2016

Drinking more than two 200ml soft drinks per day can double your relative risk of diabetes, reports the Daily Mail. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden correlated 2,874 adults’ intake of sugary or diet soft drinks with their development of diabetes. The consumption of more than two 200ml sugary soft drinks was associated with a ...


Increased weight associated with higher risk of liver cancer

14th October 2016

Liver cancer risk increases as your waistline expands, with a 38% increased risk for every 5% increase in men’s body-mass index (BMI). As reported by the Telegraph, a study undertaken by the American Cancer Society reviewed data from 14 separate studies which took into account information from 1.57 million US adults.  The researchers also found that ...


World Mental Health Day 2016

7th October 2016

This Monday 10th October marks World Mental Health Day, with this year’s theme as psychological first aid. Similar to physical first aid, psychological or mental health first aid is aimed at recognising and addressing the first signs of injury or illness.  Training around mental health first aid has been offered by a range of organisations in ...


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