Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men over the UK. Specifically, about 1 in 6 men die from coronary heart disease every year, so it is vital for men to consider how they can keep their heart healthy.

There are a range of heart conditions, including coronary heart disease, angina, heart attack and abnormal heart rhythms. Symptoms of the most common, coronary heart disease, can include chest pain, heart palpitations, and unusual breathlessness and a heart attack. While there are too many conditions to discuss in detail here, many of the risks are similar – smoking, having high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes all can increase the risks. As a result, key ways to keep your heart healthy include staying active, stopping smoking, eating a balanced diet, and keeping a healthy weight.

If you are concerned, you should see your doctor immediately. People over 40 can have a free NHS check to assess your risks in all countries of the UK except Wales (see British Heart Foundation for more information).

More information is available from these sources:

British Heart Foundation

NHS Choices


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