Our Guiding Principles

Our contract with all the Foundations many supporters is also an important component of the way we operate. For many years it has tried to be different and as transparent as it possibly can.

It works to a series of guiding principles which are:

  • We will not sell your details on to any other organisation
  • We will never knock at your door asking for financial support
  • We will never annoy you in the streets
  • We will never send out requests and begging letters to you or to your company

However we will:

  • Thank you personally wherever possible for the financial or other help you have given us
  • We will give you friendly and accessible personal contact
  • Let you know where your money goes
  • Be transparent in our grant judging process and offer feedback if requested
  • Abide by the Charity Commission Rules

The Blue Ribbon Foundation has very little infrastructure. We work hard to keep our expenses to the minimum and wherever possible it relies on the hard work freely given by its many supporters. This is done in order to maximise the amount, which goes to mens’ health orientated charities that benefit from the funds you have raised.