• 10 Good Reasons To See your Doctor Number 10 – Back Pain

    23rd October 2018

    Back pain is the bane of so many people and is the number one cause of absence from work.  The human back seems to be ill-equipped to cope with 21st century life and backaches are rarely caused by anything serious.  Aches and pains usually get better with time and are helped by stretching, staying active ...

  • Highly Processed Food is “Cancer Risk”

    23rd October 2018

    Consuming foods such as chicken nuggets, ready meals and mass-produced bakery goods may significantly increase the risk of developing cancer, according to new French research. Following the eating habits of people over the last five years, their study (reported in the British Medical Journal) stated that a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in ...

  • Male Obesity – We Have A Responsibility To Our Children

    26th July 2018

    Male obesity is at an all time high.  And following on there are growing rates of our children, in fact one in five children starting primary school is overweight or even obese and that rises to a huge on in three kids by kids aged 10! One of thew huge barriers is the way us men ...

  • 10 Good Reasons To See Your Doctor. Number 9 Altered Bowel Habit

    23rd July 2018

    No one likes to think about what goes down the toilet bowl, but you should steal a glance whenever you can stomach it! At least one in five of us get a tummy bug each year, and most cases settle down quickly without ill effects.  If, however you are ‘regular as clockwork’ and notice that you ...

  • Bowel cancer screening could indicate other illnesess and detect early risk

    21st July 2018

    Bowel Cancer is the second largest cause of death in the UK.  Around one in twenty people will get bowel cancer at some point in their life.  Nine in ten will be over the age of 60. A study has suggested that bowel cancer testing could indicate whether people are at risk of other illnesses. The ...

  • 10 Good Reasons To Se Your Doctor. Number 8. Flashes and Floaters

    20th June 2018

    Everyone sees things that aren’t real sometimes.  Look at a bright white wall or stare up at a blue cloudless sky and you will probably be able to spot some odd black wispy blobs floating across your vision.  These are perfectly harmless ‘floaters’ caused by tiny, near-transparent fragments of old tissue that have broken off ...

  • 10 Good Reasons To See Your Doctor. Number 7 – Moles

    5th June 2018

    Spending time outdoors in the summer is vital for getting a good dose of the bone strengthening vitamin D, but too much sun has a darker side.  A poll of nearly 2,000 British holidaymakers revealed that 88% got sunburnt on their last trip, which significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. Excessive sunbathing and increased use ...

  • Challenges of Cancer and Disability Study

    24th April 2018

    Do you have any physical impairment and have had a diagnosis of cancer, currently in remission or six months beyond treatment? Are you an adult living anywhere in the UK?   If the answer is yes, please take a moment to consider participating in an interview study funded by Tenovus Cancer Care. The aim of the Challenges ...

  • 10 Good Reasons To See Your Doctor. Number 6 – Headaches

    23rd April 2018

    Around 120 million people in the UK get headaches regularly, and nearly everyone suffers one at some point.  The most common – tension headaches – are fairly short lived, feel like a tight band around the head, and are typically brought on by lack of sleep, stress, hunger, not drinking enough water or too much ...

  • 10 Good Reasons To See Your Doctor. Number 4 – Persistent Cough

    15th March 2018

    Our lungs are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, and the immune system is forever working hard to clear out the gunk and germs we breathe in every day, especially the smokers. Coughs come and go, but a cough that won’t shift should not be passed off as normal.  A dry, tickly cough ...


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