10 Good Reasons To See your Doctor Number 10 – Back Pain

Back pain is the bane of so many people and is the number one cause of absence from work.  The human back seems to be ill-equipped to cope with 21st century life and backaches are rarely caused by anything serious.  Aches and pains usually get better with time and are helped by stretching, staying active and avoiding strenuous exercise.

your GP or a physiotherapist can give advice on dealing with long-standing back pain, but there are some types of back pain that require medical advice.  See a doctor as soon as possible for a back pain that doesn’t improve with rest, is worse at night, or is accompanied by chest pain or fever.

Numbness or tingling around the groin or buttocks, loosing control of your bladder or bowels or finding it difficult to urinate might mean the nerves at the very base of the spine have become trapped and so will require urgent attention.

Source: Benenden Health