10 Good Reasons To See Your Doctor. Number 7 – Moles

Spending time outdoors in the summer is vital for getting a good dose of the bone strengthening vitamin D, but too much sun has a darker side.  A poll of nearly 2,000 British holidaymakers revealed that 88% got sunburnt on their last trip, which significantly increases the risk of skin cancer.

Excessive sunbathing and increased use of tanning salons has led to rates of malignant skin cancer (melanoma) sky-rocketing in recent years: six people now die of melanoma in the UK every day. If you catch a skin cancer early, however, it can be removed without any lasting harm.

Check yourself every few months for new moles or freckles – even when in winter.  Look carefully on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun (gentlemen should not forget their heads).  Any mole that has got larger, it itchy or bleeds or is made of different shades of brown should be shown to a doctor.