10 Good Reasons To See Your Doctor. Number 2. Nodding Off At The Drop Of A Hat!

If you never feel refreshed, even after a good night’s sleep, or find yourself regularly dozing off in the daytime then you should see your GP.

In the UK an estimated 750,000 people are unknowingly affected by a problem known as obstructive sleep apnoea – or OSA.  The condition makes you feel perpetually exhausted  , increases the risk of heart problems, and puts you at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel – it is the cause of around 40,000 road traffic accidents every year.

OSA tends to affect people who snore at night, who are overweight and/or have a big neck, and it is due to the muscles in the throat not being strong enough to keep the windpipe open during deep sleep.  OSA sufferers momentarily wake up with a splutter several times a night, but because the episodes are such short lived they don’t remember them.

The mind and body are not fully rejuvenated from sleep and it puts a huge strain on the body’s internal workings. fortunately, lifestyle changes or a CPAP sleeping mask can often cure the problem.  Plus a good kip might just make the world seem a nicer place!

Source: Benenden Wellbeing