Dementia may be associated with traffic pollution

Up to 11% of dementia cases in people living close to a major road may be related to traffic.

As reported by BBC News, a Canadian study conducted by the University of Ontario followed nearly 2m people between 2001 and 2012.  The study found a correlation between the number of dementia cases and living close to major roads, and the risk increased the closer people lived to the road(s).  The researchers attempted to control the data collected for other factors that have been associated with dementia risk including obesity and smoking.  Their final analysis was that 7-11% of dementia cases within 50 metres of a major road could be caused by traffic pollution or noise.  Dr Hong Chen, one of the study authors, emphasised that more research is needed to understand the potential link between living close to traffic and dementia risk.

If you are worried about your risk of dementia, or about someone else’s health, there is information and support available from organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society or Dementia UK.