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UK Grants

We are delighted to have awarded grants to many and various charities concerned with breast cancer.

Many of these have received multiple grants.

The Foundation is only able to continue to assist these charities and award grants with the support of the many individuals, groups, schools, universities, clubs and businesses who fundraise on our behalf.

Our thanks go to you all.

Blue Ribbon Men’s Talks

The Blue Ribbon Foundation offers free men’s health talks to organisations. Over the years, we have spoken to thousands of men about their health in a energetic, informative and sometimes humorous way.

From many building sites to Buckingham Palace, we have spoken to groups of men (and sometimes women) from ten to hundreds.

Subject matter covers most male areas of health starting with our studies of general male behaviours towards their own health. Topics covered include the major cancers, diabetes, weight, prostate, and mental health. Other subjects such as STD’s will be added on request. The time taken for the talk can vary from 30 minutes to over an hour.

In a recent talk to staff  with 40 men viewing live and 240 the on-line recording at NatWest bank we received the following comments:

“Great Session Stacey, Come on boys”.  “Excellent session”.  “Some startling statistic already! A good session to raise awareness of the importance of EARLY INTERVENTION and a general overview to raise awareness of looking after yourself.”

Outcomes have been men visiting doctors, having company occupational health checks, or making personal changes.

Who we’ve helped in the UK.

 We are delighted to have awarded grants to the following many and various charities.

The money raised has come through the sale of the supporting organisations and many varied fund raising events put on by individuals, groups, schools and clubs. However, it is always worth remembering that it was originally given by everyday people just like you. Thanks to you all!

Grants have been awarded to the following organisations.  Many have received multiple grants:

  • Abreast
  • Addenbrookes Cancer Charity
  • After Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Against Breast Cancer
  • Alcohol Concern
  • AICR
  • Aquaterra Leisure
  • Barts Cancer Centre of Excellence
  • Big Picture Charity Films
  • Blythe House Hospice
  • Bosom Buddies
  • Bosom Pals
  • Bournemouth Hospital Charity
  • Bracken Trust
  • Breast of Friends
  • Breast Cancer UK
  • Bristol Cancer Help Centre
  • Bristol Breast Care Centre Appeal
  • Calderdale Disability Advice Team
  • Cancer Active
  • Cancer Bacup
  • Cancer Campaign in Suffolk
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Cancer Bridge
  • Cancer Campaign in Suffolk
  • Cancer Help Centre
  • Cancer Recovery Foundation
  • Cancer Research Campaign
  • Cancer Resource Centre
  • Cancer Support Centre – Sutton Coldfield
  • Cancer Support Scotland
  • Cancer Support Yorkshire
  • Cancerkin
  • Cancer Wise
  • Cancer United
  • Cavendish Cancer Care
  • CLAN
  • Cobalt
  • CoppaFeel
  • Community Healthcare
  • Coping with Breast Cancer
  • CPF
  • Cransley Hospice
  • Douglas Macmillan Hospice
  • East Cheshire Hospice
  • East Kent Mammography Appeal
  • Farleigh Hospice
  • Firm Roots Cancer Support
  • Fishing For Life
  • Frimley Charity
  • Future Challenges
  • Genesis
  • Gilda’s Club
  • Harmony Therapy Trust
  • Haven Blantyre
  • Helen Rollason Cancer Charity
  • Hereditary Brest Cancer Helpline
  • Her Breast Friend
  • Herriot Hospice
  • Hope for Tomorrow
  • HP-MOS
  • Hull and East Riding Breast Friends
  • Integrated Cancer Therapies
  • Imperial College Trust
  • Imperial College Healthcare
  • Irish Cancer Foundation
  • Kirkwood Hospice
  • Lewis Manning Hospice
  • Lilac Cancer Care
  • Lyndale Knowsley Cancer Support
  • Macclesfield Cancer Help Centre
  • Macmillan Cancer Relief
  • Maggies
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care
  • Marie Keating Foundation
  • Mid Essex Hospital Trust
  • Mid Kent Breast Cancer Research
  • Myton Hospice
  • MKC Charitable Trust (ROKO Cancer)
  • n-compass North West
  • Neena Kind Cancer Support Drop In
  • Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
  • Newmarket Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Nightingale Cancer Support Centre
  • Oddyssey Project
  • Paddlers for Life
  • Paul’s Cancer Support Centre
  • Pakistan Advice and Community Association
  • Penny Brohn Cancer Care
  • Positive Action on Cancer Project
  • Prevent Breast Cancer
  • Primrose Centre
  • Princess Alice Hospice
  • Prospect Hospice
  • RAFT
  • Rainbow Valley
  • Relate Cymru
  • Rhonda Breast Friends
  • Rotherham Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Royal Marsden
  • Sara Lee Trust
  • Scannappeal
  • St Andrews Hospice
  • St Barnabas House
  • St Davids Hospice
  • St Francis Hospice
  • St Helens Cancer Support Group
  • St Johns Hospice
  • St Michaels Hospice
  • St Richards Hospice
  • South East Cancer Help Centre
  • Something To Look Forward Too
  • South Gwent Breast Cancer Support
  • Sunflowers Liverpool
  • Tenovus
  • The Bracken Trust
  • The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity
  • The Care Centre
  • The Cancer Support Centre
  • The Christie
  • The Harbour
  • The Genesis Appeal
  • The Haven – Blantyre
  • The Haven Trust – London
  • The Haven Trust – Leeds
  • The Haven Trust – Wales
  • The Honeyrose Foundation
  • The Hummingbird Centre
  • The Mulbery Centre
  • The Pink Place
  • The Primrose Centre
  • The Royal Marsden
  • UHCW
  • UK – IODDA
  • Voice (ICPV)
  • Willow Burn Hospice
  • World Cancer Research Fund

Grants, the selection process and applying

The Foundation evaluates each application against a set of very strict criteria. These criteria are weighted dependent upon agreed giving principles determined for each year. For example, we may prefer in one year to weigh grants towards smaller or new organisations, another year we may prefer to give to special projects. For the 2016 grant period and with finances getting tighter and requests for assistance growing, the Foundation has decided to focus in the main on organisations with limited financial resources to deliver their services.

To apply for a grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation, please download our application form:


Or contact us by email/telephone and we will post the application form to you.

The application deadline to apply for 2015 grants has now closed; however we are happy to receive grant applications for the 2016 grant round. Grant applications must be hard copy and must reach the Pink Ribbon Foundation by Friday 27 May 2016. We hope to announce grant awards by Friday 29 July 2016.
Please note that an application must include a set of accounts.

(Organisations applying for grants should function within the United Kingdom).

Should your organisation be awarded a grant, you will be asked to produce two grant impact reports over the period of the following year before submission of any new grant application.

Applications from general cancer charities must demonstrate that the grants requested will be applied to benefit those affected by breast cancer.   Where applications relate to general services, details must be given of how many (and what proportion) of the total number benefiting from the charity’s work are affected by breast cancer.

What just a few of the organisations we help have to say…


“Without the generosity of supporters such as the Pink Ribbon Foundation, none of the women we have served would have had their treatment closer to home, or accessed the counselling, advice, social support or financial help needed – thank you for this wonderful grant , we are very grateful for their support.”

Tenovus Cancer Care

“I came to be with the people who supported me when I was in a very bad state. The AC group saved my life – I couldn’t speak to my family and friends because they wouldn’t understand.”

BME Support Group Member

“The Pink Ribbon Foundation has been an invaluable supporter of Penny Brohn UK and the work that we do since 2003, specifically supporting women with breast cancer.

In July 2015, the Foundation generously supported us with a grant towards the work we do throughout our National Living Well programme, helping us to provide places on these life-changing courses for women with breast cancer. 25 places on our Living Well Courses were fully funded by the grant we received from the Pink Ribbon Foundation.”

Penny Brohn UK – Living well with Cancer

“We were so impressed with all that you are doing at the Pink Ribbon Foundation to raise funds to assist charities like the Centre.”

South East Cancer Help Centre Ltd

“Without the grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation we would be unable to help so many visitors and we are very grateful for their support.”

The Primrose Centre

“Telephone interviews with patients who have finished the study have given very positive feedback regarding the study and the high level of care given by the team, especially the acupuncturists who have been very generously funded by the Pink Ribbon Foundation.”

The Christie Charitable Fund

“In July 2015 the Pink Ribbon Foundation agreed a grant towards our Breast Cancer Unit Appeal. We are delighted to report that the Appeal target of £400,000 has now been reached.

The new unit will be additional to current services. It will provide additional capacity, enabling 10,000 more women per annum to be screened. We estimate that up to 100 lives could potentially be saved each year through improved diagnosis and quicker treatments, as a key component of this project is to make local women ‘breast aware’ and encourage them to attend routine screenings.”

UHCW Charity