How To Avois Type 2 Diabetes

So it is said that diabetes now is taking some ten percent of the NHS budget. And although this is more to do with its effects such as amputation and blindness, this is extremely concerning as diabeses is also on the increase.

So there are some simple things we can all do to avoid type 2 diabetes.

Online there is a very easy to use tool that can help you to quickly determine your level of risk and it also gives advice. Go to

Cooking your meals from fresh and fully is a great way to control what your eat and how much you eat. Use a smaller plate and don’t put too much on your plate.

Managing your weight and keeping your weight down to a sensible level is vital. don’t buy bigger trousers or shirts and don’t make that extra knotch on your belt. Keeping your weight to a sensible level for your height and build is a key factor in diabetes prevention.

Keep yourself active, if sport is not your thing, try brisk walking, get those jobs in the gaden finished or help in a community gardening scheme. Find what works for you. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate or 15 minutes of vigrous activity, if possible three working to five days a week.

The thing is we all know this, but how many of us do this. I wonder!