Male Obesity – We Have A Responsibility To Our Children

Male obesity is at an all time high.  And following on there are growing rates of our children, in fact one in five children starting primary school is overweight or even obese and that rises to a huge on in three kids by kids aged 10!

One of thew huge barriers is the way us men normalise being overweight.  And kids who start secondary school overweight are more likely to become overweight adults with all the associated health risks.  We owe it to our children as well as ourselves to maintain a healthy weight.

Statistics show that on average each child consume almost 400 biscuits, more than 120 cakes, 100 portions of sweets. 70 chocolate bars and ice creams, and 150 juice pouches and cans of fizzy drinks.  So it is hardly surprising that children are getting fatter.  Guidelines show that no more than 5% of our daily calories should come from sugar but many of our children are eating three times that.

We need to start considering our children and their weight and the problems it can cause them in life.  But it often starts with us.  We need to be their male role model!