Drink Driving over Christmas

In this post, we outline a Christmas-themed drink driving infographic. The infographic visually outlines drink driving statistics relating to UK-drivers in December 2016. The infographic serves as a stark warning to anyone willing to drink drive during Christmas, or indeed any other month of the year.

The infographic was put together by Paul Clarke and his team at Rehab 4 Alcoholism and the Blue Ribbon Foundation are one of many organisations sharing the message to spread awareness about the dangers of drink driving. Rehab 4 Alcoholism operates as an alcohol rehab centre. Many people who are effected by alcoholism are much more likely to drink and drive, and Paul created this infographic as a means of discouraging all from even thinking about getting behind the wheel whilst under the influence.

The infographic reveals many interesting facts about our alcohol consumption during December. For instance, we Brits increase our alcohol consumption by 40% in December.

The infographic also reveals shocking facts about the high volume of people who failed a road-side breath test in December 2016. 110,226 breath tests were conducted nationally, of which 5,543, or 5% were positive, failed or refused. From this number, young people were particularly likely to fail or refuse a breath test. 5.27% of under-25s stopped by police failed or refused a breath test during the campaign, compared to 3.39% of drivers age 25+.

More information can be found at: https://www.rehab4alcoholism.com/article/63/drink-driving-at-christmas-infographic-2017

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Ok, I guess your buddy can be a dog…but they better be motivational!

Ok, I guess your buddy can be a dog…but they better be motivational!