The Five Health Conditions All Men Should Know About – No 5. Testicular Cancer

A higher risk of cancer is generally associated with older people, but testicular cancer in particular tends to affects younger men. As such, all young men should be alert to the symptoms, and do a check themselves every month or so for lumps or swelling: take the testicle between your fingers and roll it gently back and forth to check for lumps. If you notice anything, it is essential you see your doctor immediately. These simple checks save lives.

While it is very dangerous if left untreated, testicular cancer is one of the groups of cancers which respond very well to treatment, and the majority of young men diagnosed with it can be completely cured. Hence the urgency of going to get it checked out by a doctor if you notice anything.

Even if you don’t have symptoms yourself, raising awareness about these conditions will help those around you.

Ignorance, shame and embarrassment are not worth risking your health for. If you notice any of the symptoms of the above conditions, go to your doctor and make sure you get it checked out – it can’t hurt.