Five Health Conditions All Men Should Know About. No 3 – Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s is a condition which causes a bend in the penis. It is caused by a build-up of collagen in the penis, which creates fibrous scar tissue and thickened nodules, which causes the penis to develop a sharp bend when erect. It affects 3-7% of the male population worldwide and over 150,000 men in the UK. This is most likely an underestimate, as men, are hesitant to go to the doctor about symptoms affecting their penis or their sexual health, and tend to underreport the condition.

Despite how common it is, very few people are aware of the existence of Peyronie’s. On top of this, embarrassment makes those suffering from Peyronie’s less likely to seek treatment. The bend in the penis caused by Peyronie’s is painful and can make penetrative sex difficult or impossible, which can in turn affect relationships and even mental health. This makes it imperative that Peyronie’s is treated as soon as possible; the condition doesn’t get better by itself.

There are a variety of different treatment options for Peyronie’s. Some cases can be treated with a course of injections, some with surgery. It can also be treated with vacuum devices and stretching machines, although this requires great persistence on the part of the patient. However, the first step is always diagnosis – this is why, should you notice anything out of the ordinary, the best course of action is to book an appointment with your doctor. There is no reason to hesitate: your doctor will not only be familiar with the condition, they will likely have seen it many, many times before. It is one of the conditions I most often treat.