Health Conditions Men Really Should Know About. 1. Hypospadias.

Hypospadias is said to be the second most common birth defect in males, hypospadias occurs in approximately 1 in 250 men. The condition affects the urethra, causing the urinary opening to be lower down than its usual position at the head of the penis, and can also prevent the full development of the foreskin.

Hypospadias is usually fairly simple to treat with surgery, but luckily for most of those with the condition, it is normally spotted at birth or in infancy, so they do not remember the experience. However, if it goes undetected and is left untreated into adulthood, or the original surgery is not completely successful, hypospadias affects urination and even sexual activity. Given how inconvenient this is, and how frequently the condition occurs, this is something that more men should be aware of.