Busy times and exercise

30th September 2016

News flash – it’s obviously hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule.  When work eases off, when there are less urgent family, friends or other events to attend, nipping to the gym or going for a bike ride don’t require a personal diary assistant.  But sometimes, it simply isn’t possible to fit in as ...


Bouncing back – how to pick yourself up

26th August 2016

When you’ve had a knock to your health or wellbeing, it can feel that you’ve gone back to square one on fitness.  One moment you’re regularly going to the gym (well, semi-regularly…ish), watching what you eat, and keeping stress under control.  Then, a serious illness comes along and knocks us for six.  Or some bad ...


Get away from your desk!

29th July 2016

You may have seen the recent news that having a sedentary, desk-based job can increase your risk of early death by up to 60%. Fortunately, the researchers behind the study have also said that you can ‘offset’ this by doing at least one hour a day of exercise. That’s all well and good, but here at ...


Marathons and hitting the wall

24th June 2016

Occasionally on the blog, we check in with Drew (who helps us out with our social media and news stories) on his efforts to be a healthier man. Drew ran a marathon for the first time a few weeks ago, so here are his experiences and tips for other guys to hit their fitness goals: Well, ...


Making a start

6th May 2016

May is National Walking Month, so this strikes us as a good opportunity to talk about getting started on exercise. We’ve spoken on this blog before about fitting exercise into your busy life, and keeping motivation up by setting goals. But what about those of us who are really at square one? If you have ...


Burning off a bad diet?

7th April 2016

When speaking men interested in improving their health, a common question is “can I eat what I want as long as I exercise?” That’s understandable; for many people – men and women – motivating yourself to exercise is hard enough. And once you’ve exercised, why shouldn’t you reward yourself with something tasty? Indeed, we’re spoken ...


Back on the road

29th February 2016

Returning to a more personal note this month!  I’m Drew, and help to produce the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s blogs, news stories and social media content.  Back in July 2015, I blogged about a valiant, but what turned out to be an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to run 30 miles over the course of Men’s Health Week. Well, ...


Cutting down on sugar, one cube at a time

29th January 2016

It’s a new year, and many of us have started with grand plans about improving our health. That’s great, and all power to you in your endeavours. That said, we like to take a measured, long-term approach to health here at the Blue Ribbon Foundation, and focus on making incremental changes. This month, we want ...


Keeping on track over Christmas

23rd December 2015

It’s been a busy 2015. We’ve covered a large range of men’s health topics over the year, via our website, this blog, our social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook as well as in the world outside. We’ve just had our third and final article in our series ‘What’s Wrong with Your Body’ published by ...


Risk, sausages and your health

30th October 2015

This week, the World Health Organisation (WHO to their friends) released a report that caused a bit of a stir. After a long look at the existing research, and doubtless months of deliberation, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer said that cured and processed meats are carcinogenic. Moreover, red meat (like beef, lamb ...


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