• Please help with this prostate study!

    3rd February 2020

    Please help with this prostate study!

    Caterina Gentili, a PhD researcher from the Centre for Appearance Research (University of the West of England, Bristol), is currently conducting an online survey aiming to shed more light on the daily experience of prostate cancer patients undergoing hormonal therapy (ADT). The survey only takes 10 to 20 minutes. As a thank you, you ...

  • Exercise is a Powerful Anti-Cancer Drug!

    27th January 2020

    Research is very clear: Exercise increases both survival times and your odds of beating cancer. Taking 45 to 60 minutes light to moderate exercise at least three days a week should be a crucial part of your activity to increase your personal odds of beating cancer. In the USA the American Cancer Society conducted a seven-year ...

  • Ultimate Men’s Grooming Box

    13th November 2019

    Men. Take a look at the Ultimate Men’s Grooming Box by Latest In Beauty. Designed with the modern gentleman in mind, the Ultimate Men’s Grooming Kit covers all bases. Worth over £100, we’re helping men look and feel their best with trendsetting products from the likes of House 99, MINT and Versace, plus niche newcomers ...

  • Male Breast Cancer Study – Help Please

    24th October 2019

    PhD student Beth Herring is conducting exciting new research on men with breast cancer.  In order to better understand the impact of receiving a diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, she is looking for men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to complete a brief online survey. To take part please visit: or contact Beth Herring (; +44 117 328 3273 ...

  • How To Avois Type 2 Diabetes

    15th October 2019

    How To Avois Type 2 Diabetes

    So it is said that diabetes now is taking some ten percent of the NHS budget. And although this is more to do with its effects such as amputation and blindness, this is extremely concerning as diabeses is also on the increase. So there are some simple things we can all do to avoid type ...

  • PhD research examines the psychosocial impact of having male breast cancer

    10th October 2019

    POlease can you help. A PhD student is running a study and is asking for men who have received a diagnosis for breast cancer to complete an online survey exploring men’s experiences of diagnosis, treatment and support for breast cancer.  The survey is made up of of number of demographic questions, standardised measures and open ...

  • Heart Disease: Understanding and Preventing It

    9th July 2019

    Author: Anna Kucirkova The human heart is an intriguing organ. It is the first working organ to develop in an embryo, where it begins to pump blood at about three weeks. The heart is a muscle that continuously distributes blood throughout the body for an entire lifetime. Every day your heart will beat about 115,000 times and will pump ...

  • Men – can you please help research by taking a survey

    7th June 2019

    Caterina Gentili, a PhD researcher from the Centre for Appearance Research (University of the West of England, Bristol), is currently conducting an online survey investigating the psychological and physical challenges that patients diagnosed with prostate cancer experience. The survey only takes 20 to 30 minutes. If you would like to participate, please follow this link: As a thank you, you ...

  • The Dreaded Rectal Exam! (A Doctors Perspective)

    29th May 2019

    Unlike the glamorous doctors portrayed in the likes of Scrubs or Grey’s Anatomy, being a doctor in the NHS if far from what you see on TV. I too was naive, distinctly picturing myself as one of those super-humans cast by Hollywood to save lives & charm nurses. Instead, the reality is that I’m more likely to be found ...

  • Bowel Cancer Time Bomb As more Younger People Develop it!

    17th May 2019

    Bowel cancers among under-50s in the UK have increased substantially due to poor diet and obesity – prompting calls to lower the screening age.  Researchers have found that while incidents of bowel cancers in adults under 50 have increased over the latest available 10-year period, the levels for other age groups either dropped or remained the same.  One study, published ...


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