Prostate scan breakthrough could prevent thousands of cancer deaths every year, landmark study finds

12th February 2021

A prostate scan breakthrough could save thousands of men from dying of cancer every year, a landmark study has found. Scientists at Imperial College London have developed a 15-minute MRI scan, known as a Prostagram, which can detect the disease early – much like a female mammogram. It is far less invasive than current examination methods, ...


Male Infertility

3rd February 2021

Men don’t talk about their feelings. That may seem like a sweeping generalisation and I know a lot of men reading this will say “I do!” but that statement has been ingrained into our society for centuries.


Black Men Are Twice As Likely To Die Of Covid-19

28th January 2021

Black people are twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as white people. Even after factors like social deprivation are taken into account.


Why Are Men More Likely To Suffer From Coronavirus?

6th November 2020

Why Are Men More Likely To Suffer From Coronavirus?


Please Help With This Hair Loss Survey

4th November 2020

The University of the West of England’s Centre for Appearance Research, Fabio and Alopecia UK have been awarded funding to explore where no researcher has explored before: men’s experience of hair loss. Well, very few researchers anyway, and not for decades. This will give a greater opportunity to understand more about what it’s like to ...


International Men’s Day 2020

11th September 2020

International Men’s Day in the UK is on Thursday 19 November every year and it is celebrated around the world in at least 60 countries. Every year, International Men’s Day in the UK is marked by more and more women, men and organisations across the country. Across November in the UK there is a Parliamentary debate, ...


Men With 40-inch Waists are 35% more Likely To Die Of Prostate Cancer

7th September 2020

Men who store fat around their midriff are in greater danger of dying from prostate cancer, research suggests. A man with 40inch (103cm) waist or above has a 35 per cent higher risk of dying from the disease than one who wears a 35inch (90cm) or lower trouser size. The Oxford University study, looking at more ...


Knowing Your Blood Pressure is Vital To your Long Term Health

31st August 2020

High blood pressure or hypertension rarely has noticeable symptoms. However, if left untreated it can increase the risk of serious problems including heart attacks and strokes.


“For Men Over 90’s, The Risk is Akin to Flying a mission with Bomber Command”!

29th June 2020

Sir David Spiegehalter a statistician and Chairman of the Winston Centre for Risk and Evidence at Cambridge has crunched some Covid data on the number of people who have died from Covid-19 over the 10 week peak spanning March 28th to June 5th. And he found that in his opinion for the majority of ...


Covid – South Asian Men Only Group At Greater Risk of Virus Fatality

26th June 2020

British men of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage r some 20 percent more likely to die if they catch coronavirus but black people have no increased risk, the biggest study of ethnic diversity in death rates has found. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh discovered that South Asians had a greater chance of ...


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