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ionCURVE logoionCURVE are proud to be given the chance to support the Blue Ribbon Foundation in their fight against male cancers by introducing our unique Negative Ion BRF wristband to our range.

Our BRF wristbands retail at £10 including free delivery, with 10% of each sale going directly to the Foundation. They come in 4 sizes, XS-16cm, S-17.5cm, M-19cm and Large-20.5cm, making them ideal for any age to wear.

The BRF wristbands contain tourmaline which, when worn, release up to 2000cc of Negative Ions to the wearer. These Negative Ions have a host of lifestyle benefits to the wearer.

At ionCURVE our wristbands are individually packaged in a stylish screw top tube, and delivered in a special BRF edition presentation box, making them an excellent gift for others as well as for you.

There is a 30 day warranty with each BRF wristband purchased.

ionCURVE wristbandWhat are Negative Ions? They are odourless, tasteless and invisible molecules. Once they reach our bloodstream negative ions produce bio-chemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical Serotonin. This chemical helps to alleviate the biological and psychological effects of such affections as depression, stress and boosts ‘daytime energy’. ionCURVE wristbands are a natural generator of these ions.

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